I'm a working mom in a two-actor household.  I'm a Principal, in the Chorus, an Understudy, and a sometime Dance Captain--whatever pays the bills!  And I always volunteer as Tribute...er...Deputy.  I'm the person you did a show with five years ago that you still text when you have questions about AEA.  I've been serving you on Council since 2012: as a champion for the Chorus, standing up for higher minimums, and working for better wages and more contracts across the board.

Last year, I became a mom, joining the ranks of thousands of parent-members across the country.  I know, first-hand, how cruel this business can be towards families.  So, I am raising my voice for Parents!  In 2017, I became co-chair of the Parents Committee and began working to re-energize it.  Right now, for instance, we are working (in partnership with PAAL) on a Pregnancy Handbook for Stage Managers and Actors so our members have the tools they need to navigate pregnancy in this business.

There are so many more Parent-centric issues we need to address:

* scheduling (because childcare)

* suitable housing in our regional theatres

* discrimination against pregnant women in auditions and the workplace

* loss of health coverage while pregnant

And I'm just getting started!!