I Made a Website!

People who know me know that my husband is the "techy-guru" of the two of us.  Thus, my decision to create my own website was a bit shocking to both him and myself.

I knew I could do it, if I just sat down and figured it out, but doing that (the sitting down for several hours over several days) has been a bit of a challenge.  I like to be out and about, doing things, exploring the cities I'm visiting on tour.  I don't like to be sitting in my hotel room/airbnb/dressing room glued to my computer, much less google-image searching myself or reading reviews of my performances (YUCK!).  But, I gave myself a project, and I like projects, so... here we are!

My very own website!  Designed by me!  It's not fancy, I know.  And it's definitely still a work-in-progress, but it's here.  It's live (which is a super-complicated process, btw), and I'm personally, pretty proud of it.

Check it out.  

Bam.  Website!